• New and Used Computer Components and Systems ...

  • General Assistance:
    Need help setting up your computer
    Transferring existing data from an old computer
    Setting up and configuration of Internet Services
    Data Security and or Recovery
    Tuition or Consultation ...

  • Maintenance:
    Need help in maintaining your computer [or network]
    Updating existing software [checking and installing software updates]
    Resolving hardware and or software conflicts
    Integrating New Hardware ...

  • Internet:
    Problems with Internet connections
    Network connectivity issues
    Setting up Local Area Networks [LAN's]
    Internet connection sharing [Using multiple computers through one internet connection]

  • Computer Security:
    Internet and Virus issues
    Setting up [or trouble-shooting] Internet Security [Firewall] and Anti Virus applications
    Virus and or Malware Removal ...

  • Data Security:
    Helping protect your data
    Setting up a "backup" process
    Checking the effectiveness and ensuring that it works ...

  • Tuition:
    Need help learning how to use your computer in general, or a specific task ...